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“Thank you for providing me a second opinion of my recently installed heat pump and water heater. Although I suspected there might be issues with the original installation, I was shocked to learn of the extent of the safety hazards and code violations I was left with. I understand the dangers often associated with the cheapest price and can now sleep easy.”
J. Elliott, Ottawa


“We received 6 quotations for the HVAC rework in our home due to some tight budget restraints. You were the only contractor to help us identify our “needs” vs. our “wants” and the only one to offer solutions based on what you would do if it were your home. After our lengthy deliberation, it was your sincerity and character that stood out.”
C. Howell, Orleans


“On behalf of my husband and family, I want to say that I can’t thank you enough for your persistence in identifying several indoor contaminants that went unnoticed for many years in our home. Without realizing it, they were contributing to the sickness of our son. You went over and above what was expected during a routine furnace inspection. And with the remediation solutions you offered, our indoor air is noticeably cleaner and our son has all but lost his chronic asthma symptoms. I have given your contact information to our physician and will continue to forward your name to others.”
T.E. Smith, Ottawa


“After relocating from the West Coast to Ottawa, we used GasCo Residential Services to install a new furnace, fireplace, water heater and air conditioner. He has since become our go-to guy for providing contacts in many other trades as well. He has made our transition to Ottawa much, much easier.”
Jennifer, Kanata


“After a major oil furnace breakdown, GasCo gave me a quote to install a high-efficiency propane heating system. He provided me with immediate temporary heat, coordinated all the details with the propane supplier and installed the furnace immediately as promised. Great service!”
Dave, Woodlawn


“Jody of GasCo has been servicing my furnace, water heater and fireplace for years and I am very pleased with his service. He has a high knowledge of his trade and is a pleasure to deal with.”
Thomas, Ottawa
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