Get Answers to Your Ottawa Home Cooling Questions

My air conditioner is old but still works. Should I change it?

Not necessarily. If your air conditioner is keeping you comfortable in your home, then it is doing its job. One potential drawback though to an old but working air conditioner is its electricity consumption. Long run times of these systems can often draw 2-3 times or more of electricity than newer, more efficient models. If you find your electricity bills are high during the summer months, perhaps it is time for a licensed technician to assess.


Are new air conditioners quiet?

Yes, the newer air conditioning models are much quieter than their predecessors. Often today’s units use more quiet and efficient compressors with built in sound blankets. Combined with a super quiet and efficient DC powered fan motor in your furnace, the air conditioning process today is far less noisy.


I have an electric baseboard heating system in my home so there is no ductwork. Could I get air conditioning?

Yes. Ductless systems were specifically designed with houses like yours in mind. Air conditioners with multiple cooling components can be installed on the walls in individual rooms. Ductless systems are also available in heat pump models so that can be used for heating as well as air conditioning.


Are any rebates still available for installing air conditioners?

Yes. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) offers various rebates to homeowners who decide to upgrade their cooling systems with qualifying models. To further qualify for this rebate, the installing company offering the upgrade must be registered with the OPA. Additionally and new to 2014, not only must the air conditioning company be registered with the OPA, the technician that is installing the new equipment must also have specific OPA training and certification before rebates can be offered.


My air conditioner runs but does not cool my house? Can it be topped up with freon?

In short, yes, that is possible. In this case though, it is particularly important to have a proper diagnosis of the problem before any refrigerant is added. Other problems could be occurring which could cause the symptom of low refrigerant. If in fact there has been a refrigerant leak in the system, it is not permissible to add refrigerant without first identifying and repairing the leak area. Specifically with older systems that use R-22 refrigerant, chlorine could have escaped into the atmosphere from the leak area. By adding more R22 to a system that is leaking will undoubtedly have a future negative impact on the environment. If a leak is identified but can’t be repaired for a reasonable cost, upgrading to a cooling system with environmentally friendly refrigerant like R410A may be wise.

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