Get Answers to Your Ottawa Home Heating Questions

Are natural gas furnaces more efficient than oil furnaces?

Yes. Most high efficient natural gas furnaces are 20-25% more efficient than mid efficient oil furnaces. This means that most of the heat currently being lost up the chimney by oil furnaces can now be distributed throughout your home.


How much can I save by converting my home from oil to natural gas?

There are many variables that affect cost savings when comparing oil heating to natural gas heating. However in many cases, annual fuel cost savings of 60% or more can be realized.


Can any company convert my home from oil to natural gas?

Not always. While many companies offer the service of converting from oil to gas, not all companies and/or their employees/contractors carry licenses and insurances to do so. When handling oil fired appliances and gas fired appliances, it is a legal requirement that the installer/technician in your home carry both oil certification as well as gas certification. It is also important that the company carry specific insurance to handle fuel oil relative to the removal of your oil appliances and oil tank. It is recommended that prior to selecting a company to convert your home from oil to gas that proof of insurances and licenses is obtained.


How can I best choose a company to convert my home from oil to natural gas?

Ask for personal and professional references. Getting someone else’s opinion could make all the difference. Ask for licenses, certifications, and insurances to ensure your home and family is best protected. Also, contact the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) to ensure a company and installer is in good standing.


Are there an environmental benefit from converting from oil to gas?

Yes. There are significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions when burning natural gas versus burning fuel oil.


I am nervous about gas furnaces. Are they safe?

Very safe. By design, newer high efficiency gas furnaces have many more safety devices than oil furnaces. By having a high efficiency gas furnace installed by fully licensed and insured contractors, ensures the high safety status of today’s gas furnaces.


If my oil furnace is not that old does it make financial sense to convert to natural gas?

Yes, in most cases conversion makes a lot of sense. Consider your existing monthly fuel oil bills. If your oil costs average $300 per month for example, and you assume a conservative 40% of savings after switching to natural gas, you could be saving at least $120 in monthly fuel expense. And in this scenario, you could easily finance a new high efficiency gas furnace for about $50/month which would result in $130/month savings. As an added benefit of many high efficiency natural gas furnaces, substantial electrical savings in the high efficiency DC powered fan motors can put more money in your pocket each month.


My oil company has condemned my oil furnace and refuses to deliver oil until I replace it. How quickly can I convert to natural gas?

Your oil furnace can be replaced immediately with a gas furnace. While the process of having a natural gas meter installed at your house can take several weeks, it is possible to quickly, easily, and inexpensively set up your furnace as a propane burning appliance. This way, propane can be delivered very quickly to your residence and can be used by your new furnace to heat your home. After the natural gas meter has been applied for and installed, your heating system can easily be converted back to natural gas.

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